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Drew performance in The Last Match  - Listed as DC Theater Arts Top Performances of the 2023.

Both The Last Match and The Winter's Tale listed in DCTA's Top producitons of 2023.


 - Death of a Salesman, Baltimore Sun

"Drew Kopas makes Jonathan a charismatic figure and convincingly handles the play’s biggest shift in character."Trayf, DC Theatre Scene

"Impressively acrobatic" 

- On the Razzle, Washington Post 

"Drew Kopas as George expresses unimaginable grief without uttering a sound"

- Our Town, DC Theatre Scene

"Kopas takes Romeo from goofy dreamer to laid-back romantic lead."

A Commedia Romeo and Juliet, Washington Post

"Kopas’s Aldo is wry, amiable and animated, especially in several sequences that have him breaking the fourth wall and talking to the audience."

- Italian American Reconciliation, Washington Post

"The surprise scene-stealer of the evening was Drew Kopas. His blundering, high-decibel Julius brilliantly keyed in on Shaw’s exquisite sense of the outrageous [ ] Kopas’ secret was simple: he had totally internalized his lines and no longer had to think about them. He was completely natural, believed in his character, and just let things rip. 

- Misalliance, DC Theatre Scene 

"As the jovial, devoutly Jewish shop owner, Mr. Marks, Drew Kopas is a highlight of this production an absolutely believable, making this character likable from the start. From the Romanian accent to the costume, Kopas had this character down pat, without question. His dedication and focus are definitely clear in this performance and his chemistry with Dawn Ursula is spot on"

- Intimate Apparel,

                As Pip  in Great Expecations 

"Drew Kopas provides a strong anchor for the production as Pip. He's persuasive as the young fellow who finds himself forever at the mercy of physically threatening grown-ups (they're a literally slap-happy lot). And Kopas is just as effective with Pip's transition to adulthood." - Baltimore Sun


"Kopas does a masterful job as Pip."


"Kopas gives an outstanding and intelligent performance" -


"Utilizing an impressive array of skills, Kopas transforms onstage as Pip ages and becomes more genteel. His posture, gestures, facial expressions and walk evolve as Pip grows from a timid, abused child into a confident gentleman. Kopas changes how Pip sounds, his voice deepening and his accent and manner of speaking becoming more polished throughout his character’s transformation. Kopas’ work in Great Expectations is the best work I’ve seen him do."     -


"As Pip, Drew Kopas does a wonderful job transforming from a scared, abused young boy to an educated and well-spoken, middle-class gentleman. By using his physicality and the careful evolution of his accent from poor working-class to middle-class, we watch him grow and mature into a man before our eyes."  



"Pulls off 'obnoxious schmuck' masterfully"

- Airness, Dcist

"Acing greasy swagger"

- Airness, Washington Post

"As D Vicious, Kopas gives the audience an easy villain to hate, but the combination of the script and his and Krishawn’s performances muddy those waters in complex, compelling ways"

- Airness, DC Theatre Scene

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